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English Access Sandton, Johannesburg

We run English courses for foreigners as well as TEFL, foreign language, business English, English improvement for second language speakers and TOEFL and IELTS preparation courses.

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English Access, Sandton , Johannesburg

The objective of our morning English courses in Sandton, Johannesburg is to improve the English skills of foreign students, from Beginners to Advanced. Our qualified, experienced teachers are dedicated to helping each student reach his or her potential in a relaxed, friendly environment. We aim to make all our lessons fun and enriching.

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Teach English abroad!

We offer full-time and part-time TEFL courses

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Our EFL courses will develop your reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary skills to the level of proficiency. These English skills will enable you to interact socially with confidence, further your academic studies or enter the business environment.

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Teaching English
as a foreign

A TEFL course equips you to pass on English language skills to foreign students. Our hands-on course will set you apart from people who do online courses, thoroughly preparing you to handle foreign students and enabling you to secure the best jobs overseas.

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English Access Gauteng offers business English courses adapted to suit your company’s needs. Let us help give your business the edge.
Business English courses that can be modified to suit your company’s requirements.

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and Zulu

English Access Gauteng is more than an English School- we provide Foreign Language courses in German, Portuguese and Zulu. Our foreign language trainers are experts in their languages making your learning experience fast and enjoyable.

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